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Hydrum Drum Lift & Tip

The ultimate in drum lifting and moving. All Australian made various models available manual hydraulic/electric.

A wide range of machines for lifting & tipping a variety of drum sizes and types to 500 Kgs capacity.



This range of Lift & Tip machines has been proven over 30 years and with its compact design, suits tight working areas, mezzanine floors or where lighter framed operators are involved with the Drum Handling process. It uses a heavy duty steel Girdle with a quick acting over-centre clamp to secure the drum. A foot operated hydraulic pump is used for lifting and a heavy duty gearbox for 320° of controlled tipping of the drum. The standard machine is designed to handle 205 Litre Steel drums that have two equi-spaced chimes over its length. The machine is offered in three lift heights – 1,900 mm with 350 Kgs capacity, 2,100 mm with 300 Kgs capacity and 2,700 mm with 350 Kgs capacity. It can be modified to handle a variety of drums or appliances and can be optioned with compressed air components for effortless lifting.


This innovative range of Lift & Tip machines are designed for high volume movements of steel 205 litre drums to 350 Kgs capacity. They are manufactured in three lift heights of 1,600 mm, 2,000 mm and 2,700 mm. An optional 3,000 mm lift is also available. The Grip type machines are heavy duty to suit constant drum handling (lift & tip) requirements. They use our proven foot activated hydraulic lifting system and can be fitted with optional Compressed air or 12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery, for the lift process. The Grip type machine will load/unload drums from a standard pallet and place them on the floor, racks or decant into your process. Drum tipping is carefully controlled through a worm type, gear reduction gearbox that precludes auto rotation from the drum. Grip type machines can also be fitted with special Grippers to suit specific Plastic or Fibre drums. Many other options for this range of machines are available.

Need to Weigh drums?
The Grip type machine can be fitted with either an Industrial scale or Intrinsically safe scale system where Tare or Gross weighing is required. Both will offer accuracy of 0.5 Kgs.

Need a machine to work in Food, Beverage or Pharmaceutical areas?
The Grip machine can be built in 304 Stainless steel or a combination of 304 Stainless Steel at the Drum handling end of the machine and a hard wearing 2-Pack epoxy frame.

Need a Lift & Tip machine in Intrinsically safe work areas?
The Grip Type machine can be supplied with Anti-Static wheels and an Earth Lug to fully comply.


This range of Drum Lift & Tip machines is designed to safely handle a broad range of drums. These can be 205 Litre or smaller, in Steel, Plastic or Fibre construction. The Rim Grip machine is designed for those applications where drums sizes and materials of construction are varied, and all need to be lifted and decanted. The Rim Grip machine uses a screw operated Rim Clamp. The clamp comprises a large surface area, fixed lower section in conjunction with a fully adjustable upper section. Drums can be lifted once the clamp is secured to the drum. A Web belt and quick acting stainless steel over-centre buckle are applied to retain the drum when decanting.
The Rim Grip machines share all the benefits available on the Grip type units.

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